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Our Work

Premium Roofing Systems has professional experience in multiple areas, from roof installation and repair, to interior services and gutter fitting. Take a look at some of our recent projects! 


Mill Finish Standing Seam Metal Roof Installation

The homeowner went with a sleek Mill Finish Standing Seam Metal Roof to replace their previously shingled roof. How gorgeous! 
Pro Tip: There are many benefits to a metal roof, including lower maintenance and a longer lifespan. Call for more details!

Shingle Roof Replacement

Take a look at this epic roof replacement!
Roof damage can sometimes go unnoticed, we are here to ensure you are protected from extensive damage being caused.

Shingle replacement.JPG
Grey Roof.JPG

Tamko Heritage Roof Replacement

Finishing up the week with a beautiful Tamko Heritage, Oxford Grey roof replacement. This home exhibits how far shingles have come since the OG "Henry Reynolds" invented asphalt shingles back in 1903.

Roofing Inspection

Every roof replacement deserves the best installation! It’s the attention to detail that sets us apart.

We conduct thorough walk throughs during each stage of a roof replacement to ensure quality is being delivered as it is deserved!

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